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Project Title

Ålidhem Äger

ÅLidhem Äger is a 3-year long project that is aimed at helping the residents of Ålidhem by building a cultural infrastructure to provide a platform for varied activities. It encourages the community to work together for the creation of social spaces and inspires them to hold events together to share and partake in, and to claim ownership of the spaces they live and work in.

Studiefrämjandet is driving the project in collaboration with 3 active partners, Vän i Umeå, Vasterbotten Hemslojdsforening and Sverok.


Young playful look,


The brief asked for the logo to echo the communal collaborative efforts the project is about, as well as specifically target young adults by making it colorful and playful. The logo is a spin on the initials for Ålidhem Äger with the letters Å and Ä depicting the people that the project is aimed at. The location pins that make the characters of the logo, form a heart, which further strengthens the main idea of the project.

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Visual identity designer


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