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Project Title

Vän i Umeå

Vän i Umeå is a non-governmental network run on democratic principles and works through the collaborative process of building relationships between people of different nationalities that live in the Northern city of Umea in Sweden. It provides a secure platform for the people and offers possibilities for interaction.


Even though the organization started operating in 2011, Vän i Umeå became more active in 2015 and since then aspired to lock their unique character in a logo that would depict their activities clearly and reflect their mission statement.


The logo was designed keeping in mind the older logo design, to not alienate the existing members, whilst also relaying the message that the organization is growing and change is inevitable. The logo echoes the previous design but introduces more color and fluidity in its design. It hints at the letter Ä cleverly disguised as 2 friends embracing each other.

Client / 

Vän i Umeå/

Umeå kommun


Role / 

Visual identity designer


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